Since I was a child I understood that the true heart of a house was the kitchen.

I still have unforgettable memories of Saturday afternoons passed at Silvana’s, my grandmother, where I watched spellbound as she prepared tortellini, tortelloni and lasagne, even though my homework lay nearby unattended to.

It was a moment of family gathering, my grandmother with her sisters meeting up to performing a grand tradition and I was a privileged spectator.

But it was on Sundays that the true magical moment took place, our large family got together around our oval table to partake in the feast skilfully prepared the day before.

Boiled meats that melted in the mouth.

Tastes and smells ought to be immaterial but even today it’s as though I can almost touch them and feel the authenticity of the ingredients and the joy of the dishes.

The family, around grandmother Silvana, bonded in a culinary togetherness, something that I believe I still carry with me today.

This treasured memory that I had hidden away in my mind, little by little re-emerged until I asked myself “Why not repeat and present all that goodness and authenticity in a restaurant?”

This is how DAMEDEO came about, a tribute to my father Amedeo, who helped me make this dream come true.

Together with my collaborators, I do everything that is possible to equal the results of grandma Silvanna, doing any better would be nearly impossible.

I eagerly await your discovery of this small pearl, where everything is made with love.

Francesca Faenza




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